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Blurb for Duty Bound, Bayou Bound #2

April 8, 2014 in Dear Reader, My Books by Sidney

duty-e-reader-copyDear Reader,

It’s the day! Today I share the blurb for Duty Bound, Bayou Bound #2, out in May 2014!

She’s the woman he sent away.

Lisette wouldn’t be back in New Orleans if she didn’t need protection—and who better to turn to than her ex-boyfriend turned Detective? She’s got a closet full of secrets that include a stalker ex and a kinky past. She vows to not dream about Mathieu…much. If only he were a Dominant, one who would not just flog her into bliss, but love her as well. A girl can dream, can’t she?

He was her first love.

Mathieu wants nothing to do with another damsel in distress, but he can’t say no when the little blonde woman walks back into his life with proof her ex is big trouble. He’ll give her a place to sleep, but nothing more. His heart is locked up tight. Except, Lisette uncovers his past in the BDSM world and she’s never backed down from a challenge. He can handle her, can’t he?

Lisette and Mathieu embark on a relationship that is strictly about sexual gratification, but evolves into more. When the bodies align, the hearts entwine. Except their rekindled flame is in danger. Lisette’s ex has found his prey, and he’s not the kind of person afraid of taking a life.

Bonus story included! Picture Her Complete, a Jacques and Odalia short story.

Stay tuned for an excerpt and more release information!

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International Tabletop Day!

April 7, 2014 in Dear Reader by Sidney

TableTopDay2014Dear Readers,

thumbs_geekandsundry_logoThis weekend I took part in the ultimate of nerdy, gamer extravaganza! I’m talking about International Tabletop Day. This is an event cooked up by Wil Wheaton and the other members of Geek & Sundry, a YouTube web channel that celebrates all things geek culture. Table top board games are a new thing for me. It’s not something I grew up with. I’ve never played Clue, my first Monopoly game was in high school and I don’t think I owned a board game until my teens. It hasn’t deterred me from becoming a fan!


New games: Betrayal at House on the Hill, Arkham Horror and Last Night on Earth

Last weekend I kind of splurged in preparation for Tabletop Day. I bought three games, one of which I’ve played before, Betrayal at House on the Hill. Just after I was introduced to the game, it sold out everywhere and I couldn’t find a copy for less than $400, so when I saw the reprinting on sale–I snatched that up! Next I got a game I saw on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop show called Last Night on Earth. It’s a zombie game–no surprise. I bought Arkaham Horror on a whim. My deciding factors were based pretty much on the number of expansions for it. I figured, if there were that many, the original game must be somewhat good, right?

Some of our other games include:

  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Dead Panic
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Munchkin
  • Munchkin Bites
  • SmashUp
  • Killer Bunnies
  • Pandemic, my personal favorite
  • Fluxx–Cuthulu, Zombie, Star, Monty Python, Monster

As you can see, the collection is growing, rapidly!

Our local shop had a great turn out. I wound up playing with both friends and strangers.


Above: Munchkin Delux. The starter pack doesn’t come with that many cards. I’ve added five expansion packs to the starter deck.

First up, we had a mostly friendly game of Munchkin. It’s good to note, or warn people, that relationships have been destroyed by this game. You see, Munchkin encourages backstabbing and general double-crossing. I’ve heard people liken Munchkin to Dungeons & Dragons without the character creation or story. Mostly, you’re battling it out against your fellow heroes to reach level ten. Along the way you fight monsters, gather loot, add armor. The real game play comes in during the fighting the monsters phase. You see, while your friend is fighting a monster, you can offer to help them in exchange for something (loot!)–OR–you can make it more difficult for the other player by giving the monster attacking them bonuses, or adding another monster. You have to be careful who you decide to back stab, because chances are they’ll get an opportunity to repay the favor!


Above: Betrayal at House on the Hill. This is a snapshot of the “house” about halfway through the game. You can see the basement, ground floor and second story sectioned off if you look closely enough.

We also played a game of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. This game is a bit like being part of a horror movie! The game starts with a group of people entering a creepy, haunted house. As you explore rooms, there are items you can collect, omens that foretell of the haunt or spirit in the house and events that can either harm or help you. It’s neat, a bit complex, and kind of a long game. At some point, you and your fellow friends will uncover the “haunt” at which point one of the players will turn into the bad guy. This is usually some plot to open the gate to hell, sacrificing someone to a demon or other crazy, creepy act. You’re then trying to escape, fight back or close the portals to hell. Each and every game turns out differently. ((Unless you’re my friends, then we end up with the exact same scenario each time!!))


Above: Star Fluxx, a game that starts off with two simple rules: Draw 1, Play 1. After that, all bets are off where it goes!!

After Betrayal, we had a limited amount of time to play, so we opted for a few games of Fluxx. At this point we own several Fluxx games, but our favorite continues to be Star Fluxx and Cuthulu Fluxx, just because they have some more complex game plays. Star Fluxx takes all of your favorite science-fiction shows and mashes them into one game. Each and every game of Fluxx is different because the rules change with each person. You’ll have cards that tell you to draw more cards, others that tell you to play more than one card. Other cards will limit the number of cards in your hand, and still yet others tell you what you have to do to win the game. And it just keeps changing!


Above: Me cast as Rebecca Spewing for the dinner theater.

We had to leave the official Tabletop Day time early because I’d procured tickets for a murder mystery dinner theater. I’ve seen these advertised and I thought it sounded like loads of fun, so we got tickets. All I knew going in was that there was a theater element involved to the meal. I had no idea they would draft one person from each table to actually participate in the evening’s performance. Yeah! I wasn’t ready for that. We sat down and complete strangers said I should be the one to sacrifice. Our mystery theater was themed after the show Dallas. Appropriate since we were at the Southfork Hotel and the show takes place at the Southfork Ranch. I played the part of Rebecca Spewing and had two pages of lines in three scenes. It was a hysterical, very off the cuff performance that I really enjoyed. I won’t spoil the performance. We were told each time it plays out differently and the murderer changes to keep it interesting and fun, still, I won’t spoil who the culprit was.

All in all, it was a really awesome weekend spent with friends and having loads of fun. If you’re inclined at all to play games, I highly suggest tuning into the Geek & Sundry channel for a little Table Top and even check out your local shop for some demos or advice!

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A week of new things.

April 4, 2014 in Dear Reader by Sidney

LightItBlueDear Readers,

This has been an interesting week, for sure.

For those of you who are my friends over on Facebook, you’ve seen a few pictures!

MyCollage_0First up, since April is all about Autism Awareness, and April 2nd specifically is Autism Awareness Day, I helped dye my boyfriend’s hair a particularly awesome shade of blue. I’m a big fan of the color, and if my hair weren’t so stinking dark, I’d totally have dyed my hair, too. But that’s what happens when you make a crazy plan like that at the last moment.

When I was in college I used to do a lot of girl’s hair. I was never in cosmetology school, but I was the only one brave enough to slather someone else’s hair with bleach and dye. As a result, I’ve had my hair pretty much every color possible. My favorite by far was blue!

IMG_20140402_195329This week was also the first session on my new tattoo. No, I’m not sharing the design–yet. I’m going to save that for a nice unveiling when it’s over. But can I just say–foot tattoos friggen hurt! Oh my gosh, people weren’t kidding when they warned me how much the feet can hurt! This was why I went into this tattoo with the full expectation of having to do it in two to three sessions. That means lots of swelling feet and lotion in my future!

IMG_20140326_090355Life is adjusting still without Yoshi. Again, for those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that Yoshi passed away last week. Mario and I are adjusting, but there’s a Yoshi-shaped-hole in our lives. I plan on doing a post next week about him, along with my favorite pictures over the last two years. Well, one year, eleven months, three weeks and six days. Not that I was counting or anything. Yes, i”m very aware I’m a crazy cat lady, and I embrace it!

Life and writing are moving forward. I’m hard at work on a few potential series. There are exciting things in store! But first, this weekend is International Table Top day, and you bet I’ll be off playing all the board games I own–which has become quite a lot!!

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When to expect the next book?

April 1, 2014 in Let Me Tell You, My Books by Sidney

So Inked Logohismarriagebargain_msr(1)Dear Readers,

Back in October I made a post about, When to expect the next book? It was in answer to a reader’s question wanting to know when to expect the next book in one series, while being unaware of another series. It was a good conversation and the resulting blog was very useful for not only readers, but myself! So I figured–why not do another one? I think I’m going to attempt to make this a quarterly thing to update readers on what is coming out and stuff to be on the look-out for.

These are estimations only, not promised release dates unless otherwise stated. Or, ya know, when I list a date. I’ll do this by series, then do a recap at the bottom.

** Everything here is subject to change at the whim of publishers, me, the wind or other circumstances. **

The So Inked books are by far the ones that get this question the most. Under His Skin and The Harder He Falls are currently available everywhere ebooks are sold. The third book, His Marriage Bargain, is in the heavy-duty stage of edits. This means–the release date is soon to be set! Yes! Very soon we will be diving back into the luscious world of the So Inked girls and their special brand of sexy fun. Now, the last two books in the series, More Than He Can Handle and His Little Fighter have been shuffled around as far as due dates. I will not speculate on a release date for those, except to say that they might be 2015 books.

hottango_msrThe Good Guys Wear Black series is hot and underway! Hot Tango released in January, which was fantastic. The second book, Line of Duty, is on deck for edits, so I would expect a fall to winter release of this year for that book. The final book in the trilogy will be a 2015 release, which kind of stinks because it’s going to be so super awesome. I’ve really enjoyed writing these. Both Hot Tango and Line of Duty have tugged on the heart strings.

duty-e-reader-copyThe Bayou Bound books kicked off in November with the Midnight Ink boxed set release. Picture Her Bound is out as a stand-alone novella. Duty Bound is in edits and I hope to release this full length novel at the end of May. For those who have read Picture Her Bound, this book follows Mathieu, Odalia’s former patrol partner. I have plans to do a full series in this “world”. Also! As bonus content, there will be a Jacques and Odalia short story in Duty Bound. I’m heading into the plotting stages for the third book in the series, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Possibly the only shift to my current release schedule is the book I will have out with Random House’s Loveswept line, Committed. This is currently a single title, BDSM-meets-suspense book that I am very excited about. The origional release date was July, but it’s being moved back to August. It is currently up for pre-order. You do not want to miss this book! Especially if you are a fan of the Bayou Bound series. This will incorporate many of the same elements of story seen there.

I’m currently working on a super, duper seekrit project that if all goes well, will release in the newly opened July slot. I’m keeping my lips sealed until things are a little better planned, but this is going to be a lot of fun.

RomanceThere are also some other projects in the works for the later part of the year, but they aren’t announced yet. So I shall keep those close to the vest. :)

That’s everything I can tell you about. There’s always stuff in the background or in the works that I can’t talk about, but hopefully soon. Ya know, if everything pans out.

Here’s a cheat-list of the expected schedule, including the rest of this year’s releases:

And that’s enough to make me want to go back to bed!!!!

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Dream Vacation is out in the wild!

March 31, 2014 in Dear Reader by Sidney

dreamvacationHello Dear Readers!

Are you ready for something free?

Dream Vacation is now out and free–everywhere!

She’s ready to live a new life.

Naomi has turned her life around and to celebrate she’s taking a decadent, tropical vacation. There’s just one problem. A tropical storm has blown in and stranded her at a deserted resort. Alone.

He’s willing to travel half-way around the world for love.

Luc is about to crash his best friend’s vacation. There’s just one problem. They’ve never met before. Their online friendship is about to go physical, in every way possible. He’s not the man she first met when they began a virtual journey together, but he wants her to love the man he’s become.

Two people. One vacation. It’s time to live out all their passionate desires.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iTunes | All Romance Ebooks | Smashwords

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Cover Reveal Day

March 26, 2014 in Dear Reader by Sidney

hismarriagebargain_msr(1)So Inked LogoDear Readers,

I owe you an apology.

I have been seriously remiss about posting this what with some other life crazy going on.

But I’m taking care of that–today!

Another So Inked cover!!!

His Marriage Bargain is the third installment of the So Inked series, all about hot tattoo artists and the men willing to love them.

For those of you who have been tuned into the series, you might already know this, but book three is Autumn’s book.

I’m so excited about this book, the cover, everything to do with it!

From what I have heard, the book will be out this summer. I simply cannot wait for it to be out in the wild, for everyone to enjoy and love as much as I’ve loved these characters.

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Cover Reveal: Committed

March 7, 2014 in Let Me Tell You, My Books by Sidney

RomanceI just found out today is cover reveal day over at the Romance at Random blog! Check out my July 2014 title, Committed.

In this erotic tale of sensuality and suspense, Sidney Bristol proves that desire can be the most dangerous drug of all.

DEA Special Agent Damien Moana works hard and plays even harder. But while indulging in forbidden temptations at a private BDSM retreat, the unexpected happens: He falls under a stranger’s spell. This woman drives Damien to distraction, pushing him to the sweet boundary between pain and pleasure. When duty interrupts their heated encounter, his focus turns to catching a criminal . . . but his head is still with the seductress who ignites his deepest desires. Now Damien must choose between closing the case of his career and losing the woman of his dreams.

Poppy Mercer can’t forget the night she spent with her mystery lover. When chance brings them back together, she seizes the opportunity to again feel his masterful hands on her body. Poppy is a switch who delights in dominating a powerful man . . . and submitting to the ecstasy of his control. Outside the bedroom, however, she questions her place in Damien’s world. His obsession with hunting a ruthless drug lord puts Poppy in the line of fire. And though Damien might be able to save her from danger, salvaging what’s left of her trust is another matter.

Committed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

You can pre-order Committed on Barnes & Noble and Amazon today!

Advance praise for Committed

“The relationship between Damien and Poppy gives a hot, sexy, and realistic view of kink and power exchange, along with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”—Jodie Griffin, author of the Bondage & Breakfast series.

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17 Days, 17 Authors, 17 Wasy for you to GET LUCKY!!

March 5, 2014 in Dear Reader by Sidney

17getlucky2Dear Readers,

Are you ready to get lucky??

Myself and a bunch of other awesome authors have banded together to host a big giveaway. Entering is easy and fast–and the prizes BIG!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Introducing–Cheesecake Reader Lounge!

February 25, 2014 in Dear Reader, Getting Social by Sidney

Cheesecake Reader Lounge

Dear Readers,

For those of you who are crazy Facebook addicted, I’ve started a private Facebook group called the Cheesecake Reader Lounge. It started as a conversation with another author, went to a conversation with readers and after putting our heads together, I decided this was the way to go. This isn’t a street team, I’m not asking anything of the participants. What we are gathering for is the sheer fun of it, a place to chat about stuff that’s private and safe from our feeds and yes, I will be offering specials to those members.

[Join the Cheesecake Reader Lounge]


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February 22, 2014 in Dear Reader by Sidney

hottango_msrIt’s everywhere!!!!

Hot Tango is finally at Barnes & Noble. Thank you, my dearest of dear readers, for sticking with me through it. I’m so sorry it wasn’t up everywhere ages ago.

You can now get Hot Tango at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, All Romance eBooks and the Ellora’s Cave site. *whew*

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