Postponing Decadent Wish’s release.

Decadent Wish OTHER SITESDear Readers,

After such an amazing week, it’s really hard to have to say this.

I’m going to have to postpone Decadent Wish’s release. I hate doing this, but I did not plan well enough to push out three short stories so fast. This decision is in part due to the story file being corrupted near the finish and having to restart it. At this point my choices are to scrap everything and write something as fast as I can and throw it up for purchase with little to no editing. I’m not about to do that.

Decadent Wish will still release, but it will be in 2015.

I’m very sorry for this delay. I hate doing it, but I’d prefer to wait and give you guys something worth reading.

Thanks for sticking by me! 2015 will have many exciting things in store for us.

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New mailing address!

Dear Readers,

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’re probably aware that I’ve been sharing a PO Box with my parents. I don’t live near them by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s taken more time than is reasonable to get things from them. Since I’ll probably be at this house for a while, I figured it was time to get my very own, grown up, PO Box.

You can now reach me at:

825 Precinct Line Road
PO Box 454
Hurst, TX 76053

In the spring when I have my fan wall together this will be the address to use.

Happy holidays!

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Some books are gone.

TrioGoingAwayDear Readers,

You might have noticed a few changes. There are three books that are no longer available via retail sites, and they’ve been temporarily removed from the Bookshelf section of my site.

If you’ve read my newsletter, I mentioned that I would be re-releasing some titles in 2015.

These are the books to be re-released!

Personal Adventures and Collar Me in Paris will both be expanded, recovered and released in January and February of 2015. Flirting with Rescue will be released later in the year. My lips are zipped as to why, but I’m excited about it.

Please hang with me while I get these up and back on sale!

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We hit the USA Today list!

USA Today 41Dear Readers,

I feel like a broken record this year.

Thank you.


From the bottom of my little writer’s heart–thank you.

We (the Taming the Alpha authors) just learned that because of our awesome readers, we’ve hit the USA Today Bestsellers list at #41. I had no idea we’d go this far in the beginning. We were all thinking how cool it would be to do a set with a bunch of different genres and great people. It’s been such a wonderful experience, and this is just the cherry on top.

Thank you guys.

I’ll go cry into  my Dr Pepper now. These are happy tears!

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Drop Dead Thrifty!

DDTDear Readers,

If you got my newsletter, you’re probably aware that the super sexy Piper Trace and I are under taking a new project.

Drop Dead Thrifty: Bringing Sexy to DIY

We decided to combine our awesome power of words and crafty ability to create our own DIY site. As of today, will point to Drop Dead Thrifty. Many of my existing projects will show up over the next few weeks as we work toward putting up new content. Today you can see new pictures of my Spice Jar project. We’ll host gust crafters, show off our success and horror stories, and beg for some help every now and then when we’re stuck.

Please join us for this fun, new adventure. Cannot wait to get paint all over the walls!!

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TTA25Dear Readers,

I woke up this morning to discover that Taming the Alpha has reached number 22 in the Amazon Kindle store. Wow! You guys continue to blow me away with each book release. Thank you so much!

Amazon –

Barnes & Noble –

Kobo –

Apple –

Don’t forget about our Facebook party December 12th and 13th. Get your RSVP in before the event closes! RSVP link –

Featuring Tales from NYT, USA Today and National Bestselling Authors:

Viola Rivard–The Dragon’s Appraiser–What can she offer the dragon who has everything?

S. E. Smith–Taking on Tory: Magic, New Mexico Book 2–Discover what happens when a reclusive Werewolf finds out he isn’t the only one who likes to bite!

Mandy M. Roth–Broken Communications Immortal Outcasts, Book 1–Part of the Immortal Ops World

Michelle M. Pillow–Determined Prince–Captured by a Dragon-Shifter–With no one left to marry on the planet, the dragon shifters are starting to get desperate.

Sidney Bristol–Bound and Tamed, Bayou Bound #4–She’s a woman on a mission to retake her body. He’s a man with the talents to push her to new levels.

V. M. Black–No Gentleman–A reckless debutante. A jaded, deadly vampire.

Shelli Stevens–Falling for the Firefighter–When her cousin sets the kitchen on fire, Kim comes face to face with a man from her past. Despite the sparks that fly, she’s afraid to fall for the firefighter who might leave her burned.

Jessie Donovan–Cougar’s First Christmas–Despite coming from two worlds, can their love survive the greatest of tests?

N.J. Walters–Coming Home–A burned-out DEA agent discovers home is where the heart is.

Ella Drake–River Arrow–Don’t get involved. That grim policy has saved Jared’s skin in his post-apoc world. But when Mari faces a drifter gang, he risks losing his boat, his trade route and his life.

Eve Vaughn–Theirs–They’ll do whatever it takes to reclaim what’s Theirs

Jaycee Clark–Reconnected–Lee tried to forget the woman who stole his heart years ago, but now that there’s a killer after her, he’ll do whatever he must to keep her safe.

Lauren Hawkeye–Mistaken Identity–In her job as a decoy sent out to catch cheating men, Hannah thinks she’s seen it all. Yet nothing can explain her attraction to Adam… or what she does as a result.

Scarlett Dawn–Valan Playboys–Never human, never bored, Lana Claire meets her magical match in Valan royalty.

Natasha Logan–Under His Spell–Destiny comes with a price.

Jaide Fox–Renegade–Altered by science, the Renegades are the ultimate warriors–indestructible and deadly.

Tracey H. Kitts–Once Upon a Full Moon–Freya’s life is changed forever one full moon.

Reagan Hawk–Performance Criteria–What do you get when you mix a high IQ and a lot of spare parts? The man of your dreams, of course.

Candice Gilmer–His Velvet Touch–He was going to use her, but he didn’t expect to need her.

J.S. Hope–Foxheart–Can an unexpected visitor vanquish the demons that lurk in the darkness of a lonely man’s soul?

Inez Kelley–Hail Mary Honeymoon–Josie and Wade will either win it all or lose everything when they play a risky game to save their marriage.

Eryn Blackwell–One Night of Passion–Death cannot keep them apart, but he only has one night to prove to her they are meant to be together.

Sherri L. King–Legendary Choice–She chose to live a life less ordinary, never knowing it would involve a sexy demigod who would show her just how legendary that life could be.

Kennedy Kovit–The Bet–When his best friend bets him that he can’t romance the pants off their boss’s daughter, he can’t resist.

Madelyn Porter–Rite of Passion–To escape he plans on seducing his beautiful captor.

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