Cover Reveal & Pre-Order for The Gamer and the Geek!

Dear Readers, Something that’s become a bit of a tradition over the last few months is that on release day–we have a cover reveal! And today is a special one for me. (Okay, so they’re all special, but this one is the special one of the moment!) The Gamer and Read More


DANGEROUS PROTECTOR is out in the wild!

Dear Readers, I’m so excited about the release of Dangerous Protector! I got to experience a lot of the side adventure things, minus the shooting and death, while in Moab. I hope that you guys get a taste for that beautiful part of the country. But also, this is one Read More

Beauty and the Geek countdown (2)

Beauty and the Geek is in the wild!

Dear Readers, The cat is out of the bag! So to speak. 😀 Today Beauty and the Geek is out in the wild. The Gone Geek books are a spin off from the Aegis Group series featuring a group of women, and the men who go geek for them. See, Read More