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Announcing Taming the Alpha–and a new Bayou Bound story!

Dear Readers, I’m beyond thrilled, excited and honored to announce that I will be taking part in a huge, 20 author bundle called Taming the Alpha. This boxed set will span all the genres. And I mean–All The Genres! We have BDSM, paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi–you want it? It’s in here. My contribution will be a geeky, bad-ass tale of two… Read more →

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Pre-order the second Drug of Desire book–Proposition!

Dear Readers, While I was traipsing around the internet I ran along a very pleasant surprise. Proposition, the second Drug of Desire book, is currently up for pre-order at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves. Thought you’d like to know! Drug of Desire: Proposition In Sidney Bristol’s smoking-hot tale of danger and… Read more →

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Another Drug of Desire book!

Dear Readers, It is my extreme pleasure to announce that there will be a second Drug of Desire book. I haven’t been able to say anything because the announcement hadn’t been rolled out, but today Publisher’s Weekly got it in print! There’s another Drug of Desire book coming your way! I got a lot of questions following Committed’s release–is there… Read more →

SSC 2014

Sex Scene Championship!

Dear Readers, I was seriously remiss last week in not posting about being in the Sex Scene Championship. I apologize. However, the readers pulled it off–and we won the round! ((We, as in, you, your friends–and me. WE DID IT!!)) It wouldn’t have happened without you–the readers–voting for Damien and Poppy. Thank you. Thank you guys so much. I’m thrilled… Read more →

Committed Review Round-Up

I’ve seriously been blown away by the reception people have been giving Committed. I’m super excited to share some of these review snippets!! Also, just an author note, I do not go searching for review quotes. It’s a personal rule. I’m only sharing those review quotes that people have sent me links to, or I was tagged in on-line. I’m… Read more →