Something Happier. Foster cats!

Mario and YoshiDear Readers,

It’s been some months since Mario and Yoshi’s passing. If those names are strange to you, they were my Maine Coon rescue cats I got back in…2012? 2011? A couple of years ago. I knew when I got them they were senior cats and I’d get a handful of years with them. Mario and Yoshi gave me companionship, love and many laughs right up until the end. I miss them, and even as I type this I get a little misty-eyed. Some animals connect with us on such a deep level. For me, it was them.

Many people have urged me to jump in the deep end and get another cat. Many have offered to help find me a pet. It’s been very touching, and thank you to everyone who has reached out. I appreciate it. I’m still not “ready” for a permanent animal in my home that is mine, but I do want companionship during the day and I miss caring for fuzzballs. Which is why we have made the decision to foster cats from a local rescue.

We are currently closing in on our second week of fostering, and it’s gone very well.

NicholasRight now we foster two at a time. Our very first fosters were a Russian Blue mix named Nicholas. He was one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. Younger, lots of energy and completely loving. I knew he’d go fast, so I was ready this last weekend when a family adopted him–and quickly bought one of each kind of toy the store had, plus a cat tree. I know he’s going to be well cared for.

NedOur other foster that first week was Ned, a polydactyl or Hemingway cat, named after a Game of Thrones character. I admit to not having seen the show, but my boyfriend has and was greatly amused when Ned hid behind his Game of Thrones books. Ned hasn’t been adopted–yet. We really enjoy Ned. He’s a bit quieter personality wise, but loves crawling in our laps and cuddling while we watch TV.

IMG_20141026_204354The most recent foster is Charlie. He’s an orange, striped little boy with unending buckets of energy. Unending. Seriously. I’ve so far seen him play for two hours and then keep going when his playmates left. He’s a purr box who loves to be on or around you at all times.

When we find the right cats for us, it’ll be a great day. For now, I’m enjoying the hell out of giving back to these little fur babies and helping them find their forever families. :)


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An author’s take on current events.

Sidney Blog Image 123SI 15Dear Readers,

I’ve written, deleted and rewritten blogs covering all sorts of topics lately. I think we can all say that there’s been some real crazy unleashed this summer. I’m looking forward to the fall, the holidays and a new year.

So far, except for a brief update in my quarterly report on when to expect the next book and a Facebook status on my page, I’ve refrained from talking about current events. Reasoning is pretty simple–I don’t know the whole picture. I still don’t. So please understand, everything I’m about to say are my thoughts and feelings based on what I do know.

By now, pretty much everyone is aware of some aspect of what is going on with Ellora’s Cave. As an author I don’t know much more than the average person who is on twitter or reads blogs. Really. There’s nothing that’s been shared with us that isn’t also already out there. It’s a bit scary to not know what’s going on. My career started with Ellora’s Cave. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences there. The last thing I want to see is the company go under. That does not mean I agree with the subsequent events.

From my stand point, it’s a very sad time. I’ve lost the editor I’ve worked with for the last three years. This is the editor who took my hand and showed me what I was doing wrong, pointed me toward resources and pushed me to tell better stories. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. The books I’ve written for Ellora’s Cave wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as they were without her input. As far as the future of my series with Ellora’s Cave–I don’t know. As it stands, there are still three more books to go in the two on-going series. I have no idea if I’ll be able to write those books for many nuts-and-bolts reasons.

The lawsuit going on with Dear Author is, well, it’s not good from where I’m sitting. For up to date information, there are many industry blogs, sites and law professionals giving commentary on the on-going situation. Again, to me this is a sad occurrence, no matter what your opinion of Dear Author is. It has opened a door I wish we’d never discovered.

The most recent craziness is the stalking of a reviewer by an author. To me, this is unacceptable. Stalking, in any fashion, is wrong. End of story.

It is my hope that in the coming months things will be sorted out, readers, bloggers and authors can reconnect in a positive light and we can put this ugliness behind us. That’s my hope. It’s what I’d like to see. Will it? I don’t know. Damage has been done and that breaks my heart. I love my readers. I’ve developed some deep friendships in the blogger community. It’s my sincerest hope that 2015 will see a kinder, friendlier community. It starts with one person. I hope we can be those people. :)

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A new look!

Dear Readers,

I have a confession to make.

I randomly decided to redesign the website.

Pretty sure if you’re reading this on the site, you’ve realized there’s a change. I’d read a few statements online, not always made to me, but about the site. It seems the entry graphic was too sexy. Now, I admit being a romance writer who leans toward the hotter side that my skew on what’s appropriate is sometimes lacking. So, if the site was offensive to you–I’m very sorry. It was never my intention. The last site redesign was done under duress I won’t go into. There were hackers and craziness–just more reason to back everything up!!

The new site has all the same functionality as the last one, it’s just got a little different polish. There are some features I’m going to roll out later, but for now–welcome to the new layout!!

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Duty Bound has a new cover!

Duty Bound Cover vFinal 72dpiDear Readers,

I like to change things up.

My shoes. My make-up. And yes, my book covers.

Bound Memories, part of the Hot Ink anthology, was the first book to get the new treatment, but Duty Bound wasn’t far behind! I give you, the new, crisp nipple cover!

Isn’t he hot?

I’m very excited for the direction these covers are taking.

The changed files should be going live through out the day and by tomorrow, if you’ve already purchased the book and want the new cover, you should be able to get an updated copy through your preferred vendor of choice’s dashboard.

Haven’t purchased a copy?

Well now’s the time!

She’s the woman he sent away.

Lisette wouldn’t be back in New Orleans if she didn’t need protection—and who better to turn to than her ex-boyfriend turned Detective? She’s got a closet full of secrets that include a stalker ex and a kinky past. She vows to not dream about Mathieu…much. If only he were a Dominant, one who would not just flog her into bliss, but love her as well. A girl can dream, can’t she?

He was her first love.

Mathieu wants nothing to do with another damsel in distress, but he can’t say no when the little blonde woman walks back into his life with proof her ex is big trouble. He’ll give her a place to sleep, but nothing more. His heart is locked up tight. Except, Lisette uncovers his past in the BDSM world and she’s never backed down from a challenge. He can handle her, can’t he?

Lisette and Mathieu embark on a relationship that is strictly about sexual gratification, but evolves into more. When the bodies align, the hearts entwine. Except their rekindled flame is in danger. Lisette’s ex has found his prey, and he’s not afraid of taking a life.

Contains a BONUS short story, Picture Her Completed.

Amazon –

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Bound Memories has a cover and a blurb!

Bound Memories Cover vFinalDear Readers,

My Hot Ink contribution has a cover!

Bound Memories is the first book to have the all new look for the Bayou Bound series. It’s hot, it’s sexy and I’m sort of in love with that little rope twist. Plus, look at those tattoos!

That’s hot. :D

Bound Memories will be out in November as part of the Hot Ink anthology. Following that, it will be released as a stand alone in 2015. I believe the intent is also to have it in paperback.

Kit Carson is back in his home town to do more than promote his latest reality TV win on Tattoo King. He’s determined to make things right with his estranged family and win over the woman who kinked up his world ten years ago. No one has ever captured his heart like his fellow tattoo apprentice. He’s ready for just about anything—except finding out she hasn’t touched a tattoo machine in years.

Renee LeBlanc is taken by surprise when her old love walks back into her life. She’s no longer the insecure girl who pushed him away. Renee wants a BDSM-filled fling to work him out of her system. At least that’s what she tells herself. Deep down, she knows Kit will leave to follow his dreams and tattoo in big cities, while she remains the bedrock of her family.

As Kit and Renee fall for each other all over again, they embark on a journey, healing the past and carving out new future that just might be the right fit for two.

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When to expect the next book?

B Hot Ink CoverDear Readers,

Last year I made a post about, When to expect the next book? It was in answer to a reader’s question wanting to know when to expect the next book in one series, while being unaware of another series. It was a good conversation and the resulting blog was very useful for not only readers, but myself! So I figured–why not do another one? The plan is for this to be a quarterly thing to update readers on what is coming out and stuff to be on the look-out for.

These are estimations only, not promised release dates unless otherwise stated. Or, ya know, when I list a date. I’ll do this by series, then do a recap at the bottom.

** Everything here is subject to change at the whim of publishers, me, the wind or other circumstances. **

B Taming the Alpha Book CoverThe Bayou Bound series is going strong! It kicked off last year with the Midnight Ink boxed set release. Picture Her Bound has been out as a stand-alone novella, which is newly out in print. Duty Bound out in ebook and print. This fall, my writer’s community put out a big anthology for charity titled Love Is… and it has a short story called Picture Her Loved. You guessed it. It’s another installment in the Jacques and Odalia romance. I only have one more short planned for them, but that won’t happen for a while. The next books to look forward to this year are the Hot Ink anthology from Fated Desires, which will have a long novella/short novel titled Bound Memories. This one departs from New Orleans and takes us to Baton Rouge for a rekindled lovers story. Then, in December I’ll have another novella out in the Taming the Alpha boxed set called Bound & Tamed, about two intellectual bad-asses. Both of these sets have some fantastic authors participating. I’m super excited about this! Next year, look for more news about a full-length novel titled Bound by Her. This will feature Remy, who had a brief appearance in Duty Bound and Bound Memories. I think readers will really like him.

RomanceIn August my first book from Random House’s Loveswept line released. Committed is part of my Drug of Desire series. It’s a BDSM-meets-suspense book that I am very excited about. Recently, I got to announce that Loveswept did, in fact, contract another book in that series called Proposition. It is set to be out in the spring of 2015, and is currently up for pre-order.

I just got to announce a new, mass market deal with Kensington Books for a romantic suspense series that I describe as the love-child between The Fast and The Furious and Burn Notice. I’m deep into the first book now, but that’s not set to release until late 2015 or 2016.

Also, I’ll be part of the For the Love of a Soldier anthology coming out from Cleis Press this December.

Now for the hard part of this post.

B For The Love of a SoldierMany people are aware of the increasing issues one of my publishers is having. Due to uncertainty, I can no longer give readers an estimate on when to expect books in the So Inked or Good Guys Wear Black series. It pains me to say this, but it’s the facts. Things could very well even out and be back on track in a few months, or not. I’m as in the dark about the future as anyone. My deepest apologies to the readers looking forward to those remaining three books. When I know something, I’ll update the website, but until then I’m not going to speculate.

That’s everything I can tell you about. There’s always stuff in the background or in the works that I can’t talk about, but hopefully soon.

Here’s a cheat-list of the expected schedule, including the rest of this year’s releases:

  • Hot Ink anthology! Contains Bound Memories – November 2014
  • Taming the Alpha boxed set, contains Bound & Tamed novella – December 2014
  • For the Love of a Soldier – December 2014
  • Bound by Her, Bayou Bound – 2015
  • Drug of Desire: Proposition – Spring 2015
  • Drive – Late 2015/2016

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Announcing Taming the Alpha–and a new Bayou Bound story!

Taming the Alpha PosterDear Readers,

I’m beyond thrilled, excited and honored to announce that I will be taking part in a huge, 20 author bundle called Taming the Alpha.

This boxed set will span all the genres. And I mean–All The Genres! We have BDSM, paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi–you want it? It’s in here.

My contribution will be a geeky, bad-ass tale of two computer hackers called Bound & Tamed set in the Bayou Bound world. If you’re keeping track, this will be book four. This one was special because the hero comes from the small town of West, Texas, which you will remember was the scene of a devastating explosion. It has the kink factor and a dab of suspense which you’ve come to expect from these books.

A huge thank you to the other contributing authors for including me. These collaborative projects are so much fun, and a great chance to come together in an otherwise solitary profession.

The set is due to release in December. More information will be posted on the book page here, or via


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Pre-order the second Drug of Desire book–Proposition!

Sidney Blog Image 123SI 12Dear Readers,

While I was traipsing around the internet I ran along a very pleasant surprise.

Proposition, the second Drug of Desire book, is currently up for pre-order at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelves. Thought you’d like to know!

Drug of Desire: Proposition

In Sidney Bristol’s smoking-hot tale of danger and deception, two highly efficient operatives learn they can’t hide who they are—or what they crave.

Matías Govea has spent his career at the DEA playing whatever role necessary to get the job done. Now he’s ready for a new chapter in his life, one where he doesn’t need to hide his passion for the BDSM scene. But before he turns in his badge, Matías agrees to one last mission: Nail a powerful Colombian drug dealer and uncover the location of his secluded cocaine lab. But when Matías meets his pilot—a sensual beauty who is woman enough to play his games—the operation turns high-risk in all the right ways.

Raven Benally may have signed up for a quick gig, but transporting this federal agent across the border takes her into uncharted erotic territory. When a surprise twist nearly blows Matías’s cover, Raven must play the role of his lover—a game that turns her expectations inside-out as she enters a world of breathtaking passion. In the most remote reaches of a predatory jungle, terror surrounds them—but their bodies understand only the primal dance of raw pleasure. Soon Raven is willing to put everything on the line: her career, her heart . . . and her life.

Proposition is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Praise for Sidney Bristol’s Committed

“I am totally hooked on this series.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers

“Realistic portrayal of BDSM, gripping suspense, and a blazing hot love story—Sidney Bristol delivers it all!”—Stacey Kennedy, USA Today bestselling author of Bared

“The relationship between Damien and Poppy gives a hot, sexy, and realistic view of kink and power exchange, along with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”—Jodie Griffin, author of the Bondage & Breakfast series

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Line of Duty is out in the wild!

LineOfDuty2 (1)Dear Readers,

Today the second installment in the Good Guys Wear Black series is available for purchase on the Ellora’s Cave website. It will go up onto other vendors in time.

SWAT officer Jake Vant is suiting up with a new arsenal, one that equips him to wage a sensual war on his estranged wife. Toys that vibrate, erotic lingerie—they’re all in his bag of pleasure. She might be ready to call it quits, but he’s not taking no for an answer, unless she’s moaning it.

Nicole Vant wants to put heartbreak and loss behind her, and that means giving up on her empty marriage. Except Jake meets her at every turn, seducing her the same way he once made her fall in love with him. On the kitchen counter, in their bed and even a parking lot, he reawakens her heart and her body.

But it’s not Jake leaving all the presents for her. He has enemies, and they’ve come calling.

Inside Scoop: Contains an alpha hero who doesn’t let closed doors bar his way and a woman who knows how to handle her man. Also depicts criminal activity, a couple overcoming loss and the strong arm of the law.

Author’s Note: This was a difficult book to write, and at times, I wanted to stop. It should be known that the couple are dealing with living in the wake of a miscarriage. It is not a book for everyone. Please, read with care.

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