Tattoo Tales: Tattooing and Making Wise Decisions

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People approach me often about my tattoos.  Mine are so bright they’ve been mistaken as clothing or body paint.  Generally, people are curious about them, the process, the story behind the tattoo, and how badly it hurt.  I’ve always welcomed conversations about them, because with anything else a better educated person makes wise decisions.  I’m all about understanding things before I make a decision.

I was pretty young when I knew I was going to get a tattoo.  I saw ink on people, rock stars, and I loved it.  I’ve always struggled with body image issues, but beautiful art is always beautiful art – and I wanted to be beautiful art.  I made up a list of things I wanted to get tattooed on me, specifically the tattoo that would one day stretch across my back and I sat on it until I was 21.  The basic design underwent a few alterations but the idea was still the same. I began researching tattooing and the process and how to look for an artist and for several months I rolled the decision around in my head before making that first fateful visit.

Since then I’ve learned more about the process, I know my skin type and I’ve learned the hard way how choosing to have tattoos impacts your life.  So I’m going to do Tattoo Tales for the next few weeks, talking about the process of tattooing.

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0 thoughts on “Tattoo Tales: Tattooing and Making Wise Decisions

  1. david7118 says:

    I’m going to sound very sexist for a moment but tattoos on women look better than those on men. I think it’s due to the fact that women usually put more thought into the design they want than men do. Men think, “I liked the Looney Tunes when I was a kid, I’ll get Tweety Bird” where women think, “I love the look of this tattoo but the colors aren’t right for me. Maybe if I change the colors and modify the design a little bit but I know my tattoo artist isn’t good at this type of thing so I need to call around to find out who is.” At least that’s been my experience with the men and women I know who have tattoos.

    • Sidney says:

      Nah, that doesn’t sound sexist at all. I’ve seen plenty of women who make snap decisions just as bad as men. I agree that those who put thought into the overall presentation are the more attractive tattooed population. I think I look a little patch-worked right now, but before I can finish my shoulders or my back I need my left arm done. It gets complicated because that’s how I make it!

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