Tattoo Tales: Scheduling your appointment.

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Scheduling your appointment?  Why would I talk about that?

You know tattoos hurt.  So why would you want to get a tattoo before you’re going to go do something?  Or with a big event a few days away?

Scheduling your tattoo appointment isn’t a hard part of the process, but it can mean getting your tattoo in a few weeks rather than this weekend.  Think about what you have coming up and ask yourself if you’ll be able to duck out of an event or something to care for the tattoo or take it easy.

I’ll cover most of these when I talk about after care, but you don’t want to be in direct sunlight or in the water after getting a tattoo.  Tight, or restrictive clothing is right out, both for comfort and healing purposes.  Depending on the size of the tattoo, you might even need to elevate the body area to keep swelling down.

Generally when I’m going in to get some new ink I give myself a day or evening to get it done and then two to three days of downtime to get through the initial healing process.  If the tattoo is small it won’t be a big deal, but if it’s larger you’re going to want the time.

Okay, so next week I’m going to talk about sitting for the tattoo.  There’s more to it than you’re expecting!

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