Painting my Face.

Saturday my friend and I went to see one of the shows put on by the local summer theater venues.  It was a traveling Broadway show.  People here don’t do enough dressing up for fun events like this if you ask my humble opinion.  Thankfully my friend is with me on wanting to dress up so we did.  I also had dramatic make-up which was pretty enough I wanted to share.
Ignoring my need to pluck, I really like this dramatic look.  There are a lot of purple and pink tones in the eyeshadow, most of which are MAC colors.  I was surprised by how purple my lashes look.  Because my hair color is a red with a lot of purple tones in it the MAC lady said I had to have purple mascara.  So I have it, much to the chagrin of my purple loving friends.  I only like purple, they love purple.  The only thing not MAC on my eyes is the liquid eyeliner I used to do the exaggerated cat-eye look.  It’s plain old Maybelline liquid eyeliner that I’ve used for ages.  I’ve thought about switching to a MAC liquid eye liner but I learned to create using the Maybelline stuff.  People watch in jealousy as I draw cat-eyes in a single straight line instead of nudging it along.

Anyways, there’s my fantastic make-up I wanted to share.  My latest work of art.  What are you working on?

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