Freaking Cowboys and Aliens!!!!

Dear Reader,

I’ve seen several eye-candy, special effect laden and plot light movies this summer so far.  I think I’ve touched on most of them here.  Some of them have been so bad they haven’t rated a rant or even a mention.

Cowboys and Aliens blows them all out of the water based on the level of awesome.  I went to go see this with Suzan tonight in celebration of the Seekrit Stuff that’s going on which is still seekrit enough to not be mentioned.  The plan was to go eat, drink and then attend the movie tipsy enough that everything was funny.  We hit up BJ’s, a microbrewery and restaurant that’s a favorite of ours.  I had two berry ciders – which I highly recommend.  By the time we sat down at the movies everything was awesome or funny, which was nice because all the movie had to do was make a decent showing and we would be entertained.

In case you’re wondering, alcohol is not required to make this movie awesome.  It just is on its own.

This movie is based on a line of successful comics by the same name.  I’ve never heard of or read them, so I have no basis of reference, just the movie.

The special effects were pretty good.  The aliens weren’t amazing.  I think we’ve had enough slimy, insect referencing extraterrestrials.  Can’t we have a pretty alien?

I loved the cast.  Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were fan-frikken-tastic.  Olivia Wilde’s character grew on me as the movie progressed, but I didn’t actually like her until the very end.  I will say that the end will make some people upset, but I liked it, and I cheer for the female role in this movie and how she finishes it off.

Ladies, there wasn’t as much eye-candy in this movie.  You only get one good shot of Daniel Craig’s abs, and that’s early on in the movie.  You do get a lot of nice ass views, and the chaps some of the guys wear accentuate the package.

There’s a lot of adventure, a lot of great fighting sequences.  You don’t lack for action!  What I really appreciate about this movie was that they didn’t even attempt to do much of a romance arc.  There’s one there, but it’s low key and appropriate for what else is going on.  Finally a movie that focuses on the plot and make everything else scale to fit!  All in all, a great movie I want to see again.  I hope you go see it too!

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