Tattooed Brides

Dear Reader,

We all have instances that have marked us deeply.

I remember being around 22, still in college and convinced the world was all cotton candy and rainbows.  One day I was at the mall by myself for a while before my friends met up with me.  I was walking down the main drag of stores when a woman stopped me.

I’m a friendly sort so I didn’t think anything of it.  She proceeds to tell me she can’t believe I would tattoo myself, because didn’t I know I would never be a beautiful bride?

When she said that I remember being shocked.  I might have mumbled something and wandered away, bleeding on the inside.  I’d never thought of getting married, I’ve never been fixated on the idea but suddenly I knew that I would never be a beautiful bride.  I already had massive confidence issues going on and this didn’t help.

My perception didn’t change until around five years later when I was looking at my friend’s wedding pictures.  He’d gotten married to a mutual roller derby friend who was a stunning woman with beautiful ink.  Looking at the dress and her and the whole set up – she was a beautiful bride, and she had tattoos.

While I’ll always be self conscious about my body, I’ve accepted that I can be a non-traditional beautiful bride, someday if I decide to get married.  I’ve even used the personal experience with the crazy lady in my paranormal romance, I Spy You that I hope to send out on submission this winter sometime.

So Sunday I was poking around Facebook and I see this link to a website called Tattooed Brides.


I had to look!  The site is all about the tattooed bride and started as a photography venture.  It’s really awesome, I suggest checking it out.  Maybe someday I’ll be on there.  Who knows!

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