Crawling Back to Life

Dear Reader,

Last week was a huge black hole of suck! This is going to come off as bit of a whine, I fear, but last week was rough. What happened? Well, I’ll use one of my favorite tools to cover the basics.

  • My ereader died. Like, blue screen of death, not able to revive, no pulse kind of death. Thankfully I bought the extended warrenty. Let this be a lesson, they’re worth it! I gott he full $300 retail value of my ereader on a giftcard and will be putting in an order for a Nook tablet methinks. This was sad, and I’m still sad about it, but I’ll cope.
  • Moving. I moved last weekend and it disrupted everything of course. I seriously didn’t realize the value of closet space until I downgraded to an apartment with less, like, no pantry or linen closets.
  • The Plague. Possibly the biggest disruptor to my writing and blogging and living was getting violently ill. I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t pretty – at all!
  • Work. I don’t discuss work, but I will say that it was the most dysfunctional work week I’ve had in ages. I feel like I got nothing done, didn’t work well and in general failed at everything I tried.
  • Furniture assembly. I usually do this with little mistake, but this time I can’t seem to put anything together, and stuff I do put together and hang, falls over.

So there’s my Monday whine. Here’s hoping this next week is better. How are you doing?



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