Six Sentence Sunday: So Inked, Homeward Bound

So about two weeks ago now, Editor in Chief at Ellora’s Cave Kellie Collins trippledogdared me to write a book for the publisher’s upcoming Pricked call. It’s all about tattoos, and seeing as how I have several, it makes sense that I’d write something for them. I already had something in mind, it wasn’t as tattoo-ish as what I would have liked a book written for a call specifically about tattoos, but it was a good story. It wasn’t good enough for Kellie, and honestly me either, so her dare was timely and appreciated. I wrote Homeward Bound, the first book in what might end up being a four book series I want to call So Inked, in about a week. Here’s a snippet for this week’s Six Sentence Sunday.

“God, can you be any louder?” Pandora stepped around the corner, scowling and looking as adorable as the last time Brian had seen her, when he’d learned the hard way she wasn’t a morning person. She froze when she saw him, her mouth forming an ‘o’.

“Hey Pandy,” he said though his gut clenched. He’d hoped for a smile at least.

“Paaaaaaandy?” Autumn cooed, popping up from behind Mary.

Super excited about this book!

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