Coming Soon: Personal Adventures

Dear Reader,

I’m very excited to finally say this. You might have noticed a new addition to the Coming Soon page, or even my Bookshelf, but I signed a contract with Ellora’s Cave for a new book. It’s called Personal Adventures, and it’s a book I’m very excited about. No idea when it will be released yet, but I’ll be sure to keep the site updated.

This book really would never have happened without my college roommate, Danielle. All those conversations about lead roles being white-washed, and the lack of ethnic diversity made me want to write the characters I’m working with. This one more than any other is for her, since I get to dabble in Native American culture.

And always, for my readers, friends, critique partners, family and the crew at WriteChat and Romance Divas, thank you for your support. You make every day an adventure.

 To get a sneak peek, check out the Six Sentence Sunday’s I’ll be doing over the next few weeks. I’m all about featuring this book!


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