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I’m doing an author chat on Friday with fellow Ellora’s Cave authors Gem Sivad and Ella Drake. All three of us share release dates on Friday, so we thought we’d get together and have a little chat party. There will be giveaways and plenty of opportunities to as us all the kinds of things you really want to know. Whatever they may be. Join us on Gem’s site Friday, Here.

Call Me Miz, by Gem Sivad

Missouri Hess doesn’t like to be called witch, though she can heal with her touch and pull truth from a liar every time. Her gifts are a curse. She can’t choose who she helps and after a healing, she radiates pheromones and burns with sexual energy.

Thomas Hunter is a government agent and a member of Special Forces, emphasis on the word “special”. In human form, Thomas is a mouth-watering hunk of muscle wrapped in dark chocolate. As a golden-furred jaguar he prowls the woods wearing fangs and claws. He’s been sent to Bitter Creek Holler to investigate the local werewolves.

When Miz rescues the big cat from a silver-coated conibear trap, he bites her. Claiming her as his mate, the jaguar leaves his man to work out the details. Now Thomas has to convince the bewitching healer that she needs a familiar by her side.

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Desire the Banshee, by Ella Drake

Daisy is a banshee, a mage of sound. On missions for the Cinder Task Force, her handler Sean joins her telepathically to help control her turbulent powers. What she really wants is a little hands-on-Sean time, but that’s impossible. She’s never seen him in the flesh.

Deaf since the onset of his para-talent, Sean can only hear when inside Daisy’s thoughts. He dreams of possessing her, but fears the worst—that fulfilling the sexual lust between them will lower his shields and he’ll shatter her mind.

A rogue group has gathered and targets Daisy. Sean has to act. They’re finally in the same room, their powers meld and their bodies want nothing more than to do the same—again and again. But to rescue Daisy, they have to put aside the raging attraction. Easier said than done.

Purchase at Ellora’s Cave on release day.

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