Pre-Order Under His Skin!

I’m so excited to be able to tell everyone, you can now pre-order my July 20th Ellora’s Cave book, Under His Skin!!! This is part of the Pricked theme, featuring tattooed and sexy men and women. My book happens to be part of that series, and also the first in my series that focuses on the girls in the shop I’ve dubed So Inked. Think of it as LA Ink in Dallas.

It’s at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for electronic pre-order purchase. You can also add it over at Goodreads to your shelves.

Have I mentioned I’m excited? Because I am!

A woman who doesn’t believe she deserves love…

Toe-curling kisses and enough sex to fill a weekend were all Pandora wanted from a fling with her teenage crush. She’s never forgotten how he played the knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress. She’s ready to say thank you in several naughty ways, so long as she can walk away when it’s over with her heart intact.

A man moving on from tragedy…

Brian has no intention of allowing the feisty tattoo artist to leave him after one taste. He hasn’t had enough of her inked curves. The packaging might have changed, but Pandy is the woman he hasn’t been able to excise from his memory. He’s ready to put together a new life, one that includes her. But he’s not the only one vying for her attention. Someone else wants her, dead or alive.



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