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This is a writing craft thing I thought I would share. Readers, this might amuse you to learn the epic proportions of my laziness. Writers, you might love this suggestion!

Back in January and February when I was pimping Flirting with Rescue, I got super tired of tracking down the buy links, blurb and excerpt for the book. It could take mere seconds, but there had to be a more efficient use of my time. I mean, I could be staring off into space coming up with my next Great Idea, right?

I had a moment of brilliance.

Why not make a cheat sheet?

This happened mostly due to the nature of my day job and the marketing materials I handle. It started as me wanting to design a one page stop all for the core information for the book. However excerpts are lengthy beasts so it’s not one page, but it’s all right there.

Within my files I have one file called Promotional that houses some pretty important documents. One of the files it hosts is my One Sheet folder. I create a document for each book with some very basic information that can be copies and pasted into any blog post or text editor and saves me those precious seconds I’d spend tracking these down.

The format is simple, I have the top line that is the Book Title, Series (if any), Publisher Buy Link, Barnes & Noble Buy Link and Amazon Buy Link. The book cover is at a medium size and left justified. The blurb and excerpt are also there and formatted accordingly. Which means very little formatting goes into the document because I want to be able to copy and paste into pretty much anything.

The finished product will look something like this:


Want to make your own? Here’s my template.


3 thoughts on “The One Stop Cheat Sheet

  1. Carolyn says:

    Yes, that is brilliant! I’m going to do that – I just have my info stashed on dropbox. Not neatly either. Grand idea.

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