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Hello Dear Readers!

I’ve been a little remiss in posting about general “stuff” because there’s just so much other “stuff” going on. I mean, just last week I announced a new series and a boxed set. It’s a lot going on, what with The Harder He Falls barely out on its own. I wanted to take a moment and update the readers on where books and series are.

So Inked LogoSo Inked

Possibly my biggest question is, when is the next So Inked book coming out? With The Harder He Falls just out, it’s really on people’s mind. Well, I just finished writing So Inked #3 and sent it off to critique partners to rip to shreds with their machetes and red pens. I would anticipate a summer 2014 release for this book–but don’t quote me on it!

This leaves two books still to write in the series, because yes, Carly is getting a book.

hottango_50Good Guys Wear Black

I announced the debut of a romantic suspense series earlier this year with a book called Hot Tango. It’s the product of my time spent in Citizen’s Police Academy and my love of suspense, with really twisted bad guys. I don’t really have an update on the status of the release of this book. I would expect early 2014, but I have no power over that.

October I will begin writing the second book in this series, Line of Duty. It features a couple introduced in book one, and I’m really excited to jump back into the world of the Metro City SWAT.

Currently this series is a planned trilogy!

Get Excited Midnight Ink Is Coming 03 smallerMidnight Ink boxed set.

I announced this last week, but it bears mentioning. This project just keeps getting cooler! I finished my novella, Picture Her Bound, and I’ve moved on to the follow up. It is so exciting!

Tales from the Secret Realms

This has morphed a little due to behind the scenes stuff and it’s rolling into something very cool. How Zombies Stole Christmas will be one of the first books in a multi-author world and series that tells the stories of what happens in the shadows. I’m already planning out several books. Most of them will be weird monster stories and twists on standard fairy tales.

Bayou Bound

This is linked to the Midnight Ink boxed set. Picture Her Bound is the first installment of this series, and I hope to follow it with the second book very soon. I think people will really want more of these New Orleans kinksters. I’m over the moon about writing this new series!

Sidney Sig

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