When to expect the next book?

hismarriagebargain_msr(1)Dear Readers,

Last year I made a post about, When to expect the next book? It was in answer to a reader’s question wanting to know when to expect the next book in one series, while being unaware of another series. It was a good conversation and the resulting blog was very useful for not only readers, but myself! So I figured–why not do another one? The plan is for this to be a quarterly thing to update readers on what is coming out and stuff to be on the look-out for.

These are estimations only, not promised release dates unless otherwise stated. Or, ya know, when I list a date. I’ll do this by series, then do a recap at the bottom.

** Everything here is subject to change at the whim of publishers, me, the wind or other circumstances. **

The So Inked books are by far the ones that get this question the most. Under His SkinThe Harder He Falls and His Marriage Bargain are currently available. His Marriage Bargain is not on Amazon or Barnes & Noble–yet. It’s coming! Now, the last two books in the series, More Than He Can Handle and His Little Fighter have been shuffled around as far as due dates. I will not speculate on a release date for those, except to say that they will not release until 2015 at the earliest.

hottango_msrThe Good Guys Wear Black series is hot and underway! Hot Tango released in January, which was fantastic. We are currently in the editing stages on Line of Duty–and there’s a cover! I will be sharing it soon, but it’s dreamy, yummy goodness. The final book in the trilogy will be a 2015 release, which kind of stinks because it’s going to be so super awesome. I’ve really enjoyed writing these. Both Hot Tango and Line of Duty have tugged on the heart strings. It’s been a very fun change of pace to write married, romantic suspense stories.

duty-e-reader-copyThe Bayou Bound books kicked off in November with the Midnight Ink boxed set release. Picture Her Bound is out as a stand-alone novella, which is newly out in print. Duty Bound now out in ebook, and I’m putting the final touches on the print edition! I’ll have these at Author’s After Dark this fall in Charlotte. For those who have read Picture Her Bound, this book follows Mathieu, Odalia’s former patrol partner. I have plans to do a full series in this “world”. Also! As bonus content, there will be a Jacques and Odalia short story in Duty Bound. Also, and this is the first I’ve said of this, I have a short story called Picture Her Loved that will be part of a charity anthology releasing August 4th titled Love is… You guessed it. It’s another installment in the Jacques and Odalia romance. I only have one more short planned for them, but that won’t happen for a while. After that, the next story is a long novella that will be out as part of an anthology this fall. The next full-length novel is partially written and underway, but I’m going to hold off naming a release date.

RomanceThis August my first book from Random House’s Loveswept line will release. Committed is part of my Drug of Desire series. It’s a BDSM-meets-suspense book that I am very excited about. The original release date was July, but it’s been moved back to August 12th. It is currently up for pre-order and on NetGalley for reviewers. You do not want to miss this book! Especially if you are a fan of the Bayou Bound series. This will incorporate many of the same elements of story seen there.

There are also some other projects in the works for the later part of the year, but they aren’t announced yet. So I shall keep those close to the vest. 🙂

That’s everything I can tell you about. There’s always stuff in the background or in the works that I can’t talk about, but hopefully soon. Ya know, if everything pans out.

ForTheLoveOfASoldier_14Here’s a cheat-list of the expected schedule, including the rest of this year’s releases:

  • Committed (Drug of Desire) – August 2014
  • Love Is… – August 2014
  • For the Love of a Soldier – November 2014
  • Hot Ink anthology! Will contain a new Bayou Bound novella – November 2014
  • Line of Duty (Good Guys Wear Back #2) – Winter 2014
  • Shotgun Wedding (Good Guys Wear Black #3) – 2015
  • More Than He Can Handle (So Inked #4)
  • His Little Fighter (So Inked #5)

And that’s enough to make me want to go back to bed!!!!

Sidney Sig

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