Snowmen melt in Texas, so we eat them.

Melting Snowman IngredientsLast year I made little care boxes for all my family with mini-cupcakes. It was really fun and everyone loved it. I wasn’t going to do it again this year for a few reasons, but today I got a huge craving for sugar cookies. Or more specifically cookie dough. I always love sugar cookies right around Christmas, otherwise I’m a chocolate chip girl. My other choice is oatmeal chocolate chip. But the holidays and sugar cookies are a favorite. So, I figured why not do the melting snowman cookies that are all the rage this year on Pinterest?

I used store bought products for the making of my cookies. Mostly because I’m a little lazy, this was completely unplanned and I also have a lot of other stuff that needs to get done today. Like wrapping presents and some editing. If you want to do the whole thing from scratch, I recommend this website, Truly Custom Cakery. I took a lot of design direction from them.

I’m not entirely sure how the people at TCC got their cookies to look all puddle like. I mashed scoops of dough into haphazard shapes and didn’t get anywhere near their lumpy shape look.

I also learned that the best way for me to get that melty look to the cookies was to dump the icing on the cookies straight out of the oven while they were still on the baking sheet and let them cool like that. My design skills need some help. They’re a little messy, but in the end, they taste pretty dang good.














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