TWO items down!

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#ROW80 is A Round of Words in 80 Days. It’s a quarterly writing challenge where you define your personal goals and blog each week about your progress. It’s made to be flexible and allow for tweaking.

I love scratching things off lists. I’m very driven by goals, so RWO80 works very well for me. We all have to figure out what motivates us, and for me, it’s lists. I make them when I clean my apartment, when I need to pack or do tasks for the day job. What’s sad is that I didn’t figure this out about myself until I was in college. Some people I know give themselves treats or books or something else to motivate themselves. It’s whatever makes you move!

Today I get to scratch two things off my ROW80 list, and I’m super excited. For a quick recap, here’s my short list of ROW80 goals:

  • Finish writing Christmas novella, formerly titled Snow Maid, now titled How the Zombies Stole Christmas
  • Edit How the Zombies Stole Christmas
  • Get through at least one round of edits on The Harder He Falls
  • Begin writing So Inked #3

Sidney stock.xchng ListI finished the first round edits on The Harder He Falls, which is the second So Inked book, a few weeks ago. I’m a bit tardy on scratching that one off officially, but there you have it!

This last weekend I finished the draft of How the Zombies Stole Christmas. Though I’d completed most of the draft, the real ending was eluding me until I was on the cusp of wrapping up edits, so I essentially got to do both at once, which isn’t usual!

I’m now at the very exciting place of getting to write a new book. So Inked #3 is very special to me, because it combines two story ideas I’ve had for years and years and years, and now I get to tell these stories! It’s very exciting.

How do you stay motivated to complete a project?

Sidney Sig

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2 thoughts on “TWO items down!

  1. Sione Aeschliman (@writelearndream) says:

    Woo hoo! Congratulations! Those are some big goals, and I’d feel like I won the lottery if I got to scratch them off my list.

    Yes! Lists! I love lists! Sometimes I like to add things to my to-do list that weren’t on it but I did anyway (like “paint fingernails” or “eat a sandwich”) just so I can cross them off. Feels good. Looks impressive.

    I like your new title, btw. I’m intrigued & definitely want to read the synopsis for that one. =*)
    Sione Aeschliman (@writelearndream) recently posted..ROW80 updateMy Profile

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