Six Sentence Sunday: Personal Adventures

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Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday! Last week I shared the six opening lines of my next book with Ellora’s Cave, Personal Adventures. I announced on Monday that I have a contract for this book. Today I want to share the next six lines that follow my share from last week. If you missed it, pop over and read those lines before this week’s share.

If he wanted to set the foundation for a relationship with Elise, he needed to get his act in gear and do it now. While they had time to enjoy being together.

Nerves still eating at him, Carey struggled to refocus his thoughts. Reciting dollar amounts, for example, that would need to be spent fixing the summer equipment, not to mention the winter gear they hadn’t had the cash to fix at the end of the last season. Not that learning how to shoulder the business was relaxing, but he loved his job. Which was a far cry from where his life had been headed two years ago.

And there you have it.

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