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Welcome back for my weekly A Round of Words in 80 Days update. Each week I talk about what I’ve been doing, what I’m going to do and tweak my goals a bit. Today’s going to be a big tweaking day considering that this round ends with 2012, and I don’t think I’m going to get everything I thought I would done by then. So I want to address what I think I can do during December.

At this point, it just feels great to say: I’ve survived another week! I feel like it’s saying something at this point that a) I’m writing consistently and b) I’m doing really well health-wise. Not only that, but it’s November, which means NaNoWriMo, and I might be behind technically, but I stand a very good chance of winning at NaNoWriMo. With the surgery and bouncing around between projects, I wasn’t expecting that, but if I’ve crunched the numbers correctly, the chances, they’re really good.

One really cool thing happened this week, I got my cover art for Collar Me in Paris, my contribution to the Ellora’s Cave Ball & Chain series coming out in January and February of 2013.

But, let’s talk about goals, okay?

So here’s the first ROW80 list of goals I posted:

  • Get So Inked #2 out the door and to my Critique Partners.
  • Hammer out So Inked #2 per my Critique Partners feedback.
  • Submit So Inked #2 to my editor.
  • Write a short story #1 for an anthology.
  • Edit the short story #1.
  • Send the short story out to my Critique Partners for feedback.
  • Write my 2nd science-fiction romance.
  • Begin writing So Inked #3.
  • Revise short story #2.
  • Submit short story #2.

From this list, I can say that I have gotten some things done:

  • Get So Inked #2 out the door and to my Critique Partners.
  • Revise short story #2.
  • Submit short story #2.

There are some things on this list that cannot happen for businessy, boring reasons. Then NaNo happened and I didn’t trust myself to write on any of my established projects, like So Inked #3 or the science-fiction romance book.

So I started a new book.

About strippers.

In space.

Because that’s a great idea!

I swear the story is more serious than it seems. It’s crossed the 20K mark so in my head it’s a "real" book and now I have to finish it. I’m excited about where it’s going and the fun sciencey things I get to do. I’m guessing this book will end between 60K-75K in length, but who knows? I seem to like to write long.

Between now and the end of 2012 I would like to do this short list…

  • Finish writing the unplanned stripper book.
  • Get So Inked #2 back from my critique partners.
  • Polish So Inked #2.
  • Send So Inked #2 off to my editor!

And that’s it. I have one book releasing in the beginning of December and the birthday crazy coming up, so loads to do, and I need to stay strong and what not.

Now, who wants cookies? What’s your favorite Christmas cookie or snack?


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