Coming in for my crash landing!

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Typically I update on Wednesdays, but considering my latest book released on 12/12/12, there was just too much going on to meet that little deadline. I know everyone missed my check-in. No? Well do my ego a favor and pretend you did!

The last week and a half has been all about getting the ball rolling. Things kind of stalled at the beginning of December because Suzan Butler and I celebrate our back to back birthdays in style with a whole week of partying, going out and doing crazy stuff. I also needed a slight break from the daily push to write words for NaNo to get some other things taken care of.

"Like what?" you ask.

Well I’ll tell you!

Collar Me in Paris edits had to be sent in last week, so that was my daily priority. Every day I had to get a certain number of pages done to meet my hard deadline. I believe there’s still one editing pass to go, so I’m waiting on those edits now.

In the meantime, I’ve begun wading through the critiques on the second So Inked book. I was a little scared of these. I felt like I had a huge book that did nothing, and instead I’m hearing that it’s an emotional journey. I might be taking a little creative license with those words, but humor me. Just this once? Regardless, the feedback was overall super positive and I feel pretty good about making a few changes to it before I submit it to my editor. I’d liked to have had it to her all ready, but life has conspired against me.

I’m still writing on the Strippers book. I highly doubt I will have it complete by the end of December, which stinks, but I’m accepting that with minimal grumbling. I’m trying to manage a thousand words a day, which is less than I was doing, but my attention is so split at the moment. The story is going super well. I should stop calling it Strippers in Space, because it’s way more than that.

Sidney Blog Image 123SI 14Currently I’m also doing a blog tour. Which is exhausting but a good move. I threw this one together at the last minute and still wound up with a pretty full two weeks. I’m all ready booking for February for my other two releases and getting a little exhausted just thinking about all the blogs I’ll be at, but I’m going to keep writing blogs once this tour is over so I’m done way in advance. Least, that’s the hope!

What else is going on?

My weight loss seems to have had a stall the last two weeks. I’m also hungry All The Time this week, so I’ve been adding green beans to the meal. Now, if I wasn’t downing a full can, it would be fine, but each time I’ve been so hungry I can’t stop myself from eating the whole can.

As far as recovering from surgery, I got a little reminder that I am still recovering last night. My Maine Coon cat Mario is very needy. I just ignore him half the time, the other half he gets what he wants, which is my attention. Last night I was writing blogs and very focused at my desk, which translates to ignoring the cat. I was sitting in my desk chair, curled over to the left. Well Mario jumps up, right onto my right side. Talk about excruciating pain! He’s somewhere between 15-20 pounds of solid muscle, and all of it landed on my side. Talk about instant nausea! I can still "feel" where he pounded on me, It’s not pleasant, but there you go.

I’m going back to updating on Wednesday, so by then I hope to have finished up my blog writing for this tour and gotten a chunk of my revisions done!

Oh, and Christmas shopping. Need to do more of that. Anyone all finished? Want to go do mine?

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One thought on “Coming in for my crash landing!

  1. Shan Jeniah Burton says:

    What a nifty release date! And what big,wonderful, juicy news!

    My kids recently found a tiny scrap of tabby kitten in the woods a month or so ago. She seems to be mostly Maine Coon. She’s only about 3.5 month old, but she will be big and burly, when she’s grown.

    It sounds like you’ve been plenty busy, and wonderfully so! What a way to finish!
    Shan Jeniah Burton recently posted..A Pregnant Pause – #ROW80 Update 12/16/12My Profile

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