A health check up.

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Today’s A Round of Words in 80 Days post is all health related. Well, mostly.

I’ve blogged before about my health. I’ve talked about my gallbladder and the eventuality that I will need surgery. Well, Friday I had surgery. Initially it was scheduled for the 21st, right before Thanksgiving, which was going to suck, but that was how it would have to be.

Well, last week kind of blew that all out of the water.

I had a work trade show and had three bad gallbladder attacks during the trade show. After an appointment with my primary care doctor I was referred to a surgeon. That was when we scheduled the surgery for the 21st so we could use a really fancy new surgical tool that would do the entire procedure through one incision in my belly button.

That was all great sounding! But reality happened.

This last week my symptoms escalated to heart attack like levels. I knew that an advanced case of gallbladder mess could come across like this, so when my back, chest and arm started hurting, I knew what it was. I got on the phone and with the help of my mother got in to see my surgeon that afternoon and moved my surgery up to this last Friday.

Despite hitting the fast forward button on my surgery, all things went well. The staff was wonderful, they made me comfortable and yeah.

One of the things I did the night before surgery was schedule a lot of tweets that were things you didn’t want to hear during surgery. They seemed to have been a big hit. I Storified the whole list of tweets and also included some of my other funny post-surgery tweets.

So I have my gallbladder out. I’m tired now. Was going to talk more about it, but I think I want a nap instead.

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3 thoughts on “A health check up.

  1. Carolyn says:

    Nap!! Naps are good! I may have had one today myself.

    I didn’t know about the fancy medical device but hey, you are FREEEEE and that is the best thing of all.

    Now just get your strength back. Can’t wait to see how things go once you are healed…you have been sick with this evil thing for so long!


    and yes the tweets were awesome. 🙂

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