Guest Blogger: Jayne Kingston’s getting kinky!

Hi, Sidney! Thank you for letting me hang out on your blog today! I have something of a confession to make—I never intended to write BDSM. For one, it has been done, and done exceptionally well, countless times before. For two, I wasn’t personally familiar with the subject aside from Read More

The Next Big Thing: Collar Me in Paris

I agreed to join in and do The Next Big Thing blog meme that’s been going around. Collar Me in Paris is the follow up book to Bound with Pearls, which released last week. So, sit back and enjoy! What is your working title of your book? The working title Read More

Bound with Pearls is out in the wild!

Hello Dear Readers! Today is the release for my latest book, Bound with Pearls! It’s my venture into a new sub-genre of erotic romance, so I hope it’s something that everyone enjoys. I’ve really gotten a kick out of writing this book and it’s follow up, Collar Me in Paris. Read More