Inspiration Inked, by S.J. Drum

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I’m super excited about welcoming S.J. Drum here today for the Pricked Party. Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads — In celebration of the launch of Ellora’s Cave’s new PRICKED line, I’d like to share a bit about what tattoos mean to me as an author. Jed, Read More

Tattoo Tales: Scheduling your appointment.

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Scheduling your appointment?  Why would I talk about that? You know tattoos hurt.  So why would you want to get a tattoo before you’re going to go do something?  Or with a big event a few days away? Scheduling your tattoo appointment isn’t a hard part of the process, but Read More

Thursday Thirteen: TV Shows I Adore

1. Project Runway Possibly my favorite TV show of the year.  I love the construction process of sewing.  I sew myself, not amazingly but I do work at it.  I love watching the creativity of what it takes to put these fantastic garments together to put it on a runway.  Read More

Tattoo Tales: The ink you want, and the ink you don’t.

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So I’m returning to the whole idea of Tattoo Tales, sharing with you all of the things I’ve learned about the inking process.  To recap, I’ve talked about making wise tattoo decisions, the permanent changes in life that having ink makes and picking a shop that’s right for you.  Today Read More