Serena Biggs: Spouses who share

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Please Welcome Serena Briggs! She’s chatting about a lesser known fetish, that of the hotwife…

CheatingWivesBook1A500x800First I want to confess that my husband and I have sex only with each other. I write about a husband who likes to watch his wife have sex with other men but my husband is not that husband. At least not that he’s admitted to me.

Now that that’s out of the way – the topic does intrigue me. I get a kick out of watching other women flirt with my husband. I like when he flirts back with them. And he doesn’t mind if I flirt with other men or they flirt with me. We wouldn’t sleep with other people but he is more attentive when I’ve been out with my male friends. The last time I was out with the guys my husband’s attentiveness lasted for days. As much as the idea of being a hotwife intrigues me I don’t think it will ever happen.

No, the idea for my cheating wives series came from an event that happened when I was single/sort of dating someone, before I met my husband. To protect the innocent I’ll call him Justin. I met Justin through a friend of mine. Justin lived with my friend and her boyfriend. We hit it off even though he was shy at first. We flirted with each other like crazy and I spent a lot of time at my friend’s place. There was a lot of hot tubbing, drinking, laughing, flirting, and dinner parties. There was some fooling around but no actual sex.

Then my birthday celebration arrived. The four of us rented a hotel room across the street from the bar my friend and I liked to go dancing at. Her boyfriend and Justin met up with us at the hotel around five in the evening. Andrea and I were getting ready, drinking shooters, and listening to music. When the guys arrived they thought they needed to catch up to us. Well, Justin did anyway. He drank a lot that night, said a few flirtatious things that made my stomach flutter and gave me hope there would be more after dancing at the bar. But he got so drunk he was pretty much useless once we got to the bar. He sat most of the night at the chairs overlooking the dance floor.

Despite that it turned out to be the best birthday I’d had until I met my husband. A guy started dancing with me. Wouldn’t leave me alone actually. He was a boob man and I have some pretty big knockers. For the first time ever that night I made out with a complete stranger on the dance floor and outside in the parking lot. Though the stranger wanted more all I would allow was a quick feel and lots of kissing. The feeling of power was incredible. Knowing I was driving him crazy (at least that’s what he said). I finally went back up to the room, after Andrea came down to rescue me. The moment I got into bed with Justin he twined our legs together and wrapped his arms around me. After that night he became a lot more attentive and overt in the flirting. The following week I was going over to Andrea’s for dinner and Justin called to find out what I wanted because he was making it. Things definitely looked up for a while after another guy showed a lot of interest in me. I found out later that Andrea’s boyfriend gave Justin shit for getting shit faced and not making a move on me the night of my birthday.

So, with a few changes and a better outcome, my Cheating Wives series was born. Naughty Dinner Party is the first story of nine in the series. And it starts, of course, at a bar.

Bio:  Serena Biggs is a happily married heterosexual woman with a high libido. Most of her stories are taken from fantasies she wrote when she was in her twenties. She had a lot of jobs that let her mind wander and her lust soar. Fantasies starring guys she had a crush on became the norm. She started writing them down so she could go back to them. They’ve been added to and fleshed out to make them sizzling reads. She likes to push her own buttons and tries to write things that turn her on yet make her uncomfortable.

She lives in Canada with her husband. She’s not telling if they’ve tried any of the things in her stories or not but you can ask her anything else.

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Blurb for Naughty Dinner Party:

He likes to watch

When Candace and her husband Jason go out dancing with her friends a hot guy tries to pick Candace up. Jason realizes he likes rescuing his wife from men. They have the best sex they’ve had in a long time. Jason suggests they enlist a friend to come onto Candace. Jason watches his friend and Candace together, getting more turned on by the moment. How far will Jason let it go before he intervenes?

She likes to be watched

When her husband rescues her from a guy at a bar, Candace is so turned on she can’t wait for it to happen again. And if she gets to have sex with a few strangers, or friends, all the better.

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2 thoughts on “Serena Biggs: Spouses who share

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    You have delicious sounding fantasies. I appreciate that you can put them on paper to share them. My kind of sharing. I don’t think I want to share – or be shared – by my partner. But, fantasizing about it and/or reading about it – that works for me. 😉

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