Keira Kohl: A swinging apartment complex

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Please welcome Keira Kohl! She’s talking about a very popular topic, swinging. And we don’t mean the kind of swinging you do on the tire swing in front of your house…

I have to admit that the idea of swinging appeals to me on one level but I know in real life I’d (probably) never participate in it. But never say never, right? If the right opportunity presented itself and my fiancé and I could handle the aftermath then…maybe. I think it takes a certain kind of personality to be able to participate in that lifestyle and thrive. Though I’m very curious I’m not sure that I have that personality. And while I’m not a jealous person (anymore) it could surface. No matter how confident I am in my relationship I still have insecurities.

Laundry_Day_ebookWe were approached once by a friend who wanted to do a girlfriend swap. Though his girlfriend was cute, he wasn’t my type. We said no to that one. But the idea of swapping partners intrigues me. So I created a story world where the apartment complex has a key party every Saturday. Most people in the complex are single or in an open relationship. The weekly key parties offer them the opportunity to explore their sexuality in a safe environment. Participants drop one key in a bowl if they want one partner and two keys with a ribbon on each one if they want to try a threesome.

The owner of the complex, Carmela Keyes, started the parties because she wanted more control in her life. Tired of dealing with tenants on the weekend when she should have a social life, she started the parties to keep everyone busy. She has her own version of the key party – Laundry Day. Instead of leaving her companion for the day to the random selection of a key, tenants apply to spend the day with her to do laundry. Her catch – they both have to be naked all day. In between loads of laundry they have sex.

The key party worked to give her a social life back but the person she wanted do laundry with wasn’t applying to spend the day with her. Each week she’s tempted to just select someone else, it has after all been a while since she’s had sex. But she decides she wants to wait for relatively new tenant Declan. So despite her brilliant plan she’s been spending Saturdays alone, zipping through the laundry and playing with her toys. In the first book in the Keyes Manor series – Laundry Day – her Saturday is about to change. Declan finally applies but will the reality be as good as the fantasies she’s had for months?

What do you think of swinging? Would you try it? Leave a comment below to be in a draw to win a copy of either Laundry Day or Tempted to Sin (paranormal erotic short stories).

Bio:  Keira is a former strip club bartender. Nights at the bar gave her lots of sexy ideas to work on. Working nights meant her days were free to dream up characters to put in sexy situations. Now, in the IT industry, her steamy stories are an escape from numbers and computer code. She writes thrillers, paranormals and contemporary stories, usually exploring an erotic twist. Her characters have never complained.

Her fiancé keeps her home life hot and romantic. She lives with him and their two cats.

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Blurb: Laundry Day

Welcome to Keyes Manor!

Welcome to the first “episode” of the sexy new show. Carmela Keyes runs the apartment complex with fun and sex games but despite her curious nature, she never partakes in the Manor’s Saturday key parties. In this “pilot” episode Carmela is trying to find a sex mate, but with her own private laundry day party.

Clothing prohibited.

A different kind of key party

Carmela takes control over the usual key party idea by accepting applicants to do laundry with her for the day. Her only rule – no clothes for either of them. It makes doing laundry and making lunch a lot more interesting.

Who knew laundry could be so much fun?

Declan McLean has no idea what laundry day with Carmela will include but he’s eager to find out. The sexy brunette has been the object of his dreams for a year. And the thought of walking around her apartment naked all day gets his motor roaring.

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3 thoughts on “Keira Kohl: A swinging apartment complex

  1. Cara O says:

    The idea of swinging is intriguing to me, but I don’t think I would ever try it! Reading about it in books is more than enough.

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