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Hello! I’m British author Portia Da Costa and I’ve been writing BDSM erotic romance novels and stories since 1991.

To celebrate the Kinky Girls Takeover, I thought it would be fun to offer a giveaway that involves a whole posse of kinky girls *and* their kinky, masterful men. DELICIOUS PAIN is my first BDSM boxed set, and comprises three red hot standalone stories, plus a mini trilogy charting the evolving relationship of one couple.

deliciouspain2boxwebsiteIn An Appointment with Her Master, Mary-Anne knows she’s kinky. She’s an erotic author who instinctively and empathically understands the BDSM she writes about, but has yet to experience sensual domination in reality. This all changes, however, when she contacts her dream master online and they arrange to meet face to face.

A punishment journal, and a cane bought at a curio market open Alice’s mind to the world of pleasure-pain in Forbidden Treasures. She’s never realized she was kinky, and  something else she hasn’t realized is that her husband Julian is the perfect master to initiate her into the mysteries that so fascinate her.

Vicky has kinky daydreams, but she’s never done anything about them, apart from fantasizing about being punished while making love with her gorgeous boyfriend Terrence. But one night in bed, Terrence compels her to reveal her Naughty Thoughts, because he’s exactly the sexy master she’s been dreaming about.

Megan has no idea that she’s a kinky girl, but when she meets a handsome and mysterious stranger at a fancy dress party her deep and submissive desires very quickly surface. And when she puts herself entirely In Sebastian’s Hands, it’s the beginning of a love affair, a life of erotic pleasure, and a path to their happily ever after.

I’m offering a giveaway of a digital copy of DELICIOUS PAIN to three readers who comment on this blog post. I always base my heroes on some yummy fantasy man from films or television [my current muse is Simon Baker!] so let me know in the comment who your own fantasy master would be? The three lucky winners will also receive a digital copy of DELICIOUS PLEASURE, the companion boxed set to Delicious Pain, which is a collection of five stories that are still super hot, but not specifically BDSM themed. The giveaway will close on the 27th June 2014 and please don’t forget to leave details of how I can contact you, if you’re one of the winners.

About the Author

portiaslylook_smallPortia Da Costa is an International bestselling British author of romance, erotic romance, and erotica, whose short stories and novels have been published in the UK and globally since 1991. She’s probably best known as a kind of dowager duchess of Black Lace Books, writing for them since 1994, but she’s also written for HQN, Spice Briefs, Samhain Publishing, and Carina Press.

Her Black Lace contemporary erotic romance IN TOO DEEP, reached Number Five in the UK Sunday Times paperback fiction chart, with only books by E L James and Sylvia Day outselling her at the time!

When Portia isn’t writing she’s usually to be found lazing around, watching the television or reading. She lives in the heart of West Yorkshire in the UK, with her husband of 35+ years and their four beloved cats: brother and sister Mork and Mindy, curmudgeonly but lovable Felix, and Monsieur Le Prince, a rescue cat from France.

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway Alert: Portia Da Costa and Delicious Pain

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    My fantasy man would have to be Hugh Jackman. *sigh* He can be soft and caring, but has that animal in him too. *sigh* Yep! Although I must say, Simon Baker is a very good choice too. pansyparsons at hotmail dot com

  2. Kitty Sprite says:

    My fantasy Master would be Benedict Cumberpatch’s Sherlock Holmes, challenging, intelligent, witty and smouldering good looks.

  3. Portia Da Costa says:

    Good choices, ladies!

    I used Benedict’s Sherlock as the template for Wilson Ruffington in Diamonds in the Rough… and he’s also Sebastian in ‘In Sebastian’s Hands’, one of the titles in Delicious Pain! 🙂

  4. Kitty Sprite says:

    Portia, we are clearly thinking along the same lines! Lol! Another not-so-fantastical Master for me would be Louis Theroux. I love his questing, sarcastic and yet open personality and of course he looks like such a gentleman as well.

  5. Portia Da Costa says:

    Hi Pansy, Kitty and Beatrix!

    As you’re the only people who commented and I’m offering three prizes, you’re all winners! And I will give you an extra book of your choice from my self published list for taking the time to leave a message here. 🙂

    I will drop you line, Pansy, and Kitty and Beatrix, could you drop me a line on portiadacosta [at] gmail [dot] com?

    Thank you again for taking part in my giveaway!



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