Tilly Greene: Ups and Downs of Trying Something New

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Ups and Downs of Trying Something New by Tilly Greene

The research was done, the thinking and dwelling over done, it was time to write a scene with a new to me device and I was nervous! How does an author write an erotic romance sex scene with a sensory deprivation mask and still bring the reader into the mix? I found out firsthand there is no easy answer to this conundrum. The only thing I could do was to jump with both feet and see what comes of it. Somewhere in the back of my mind was that I could always erase the lot and find something else but I really didn’t want to. The characters were calling out for the mask and so that’s what I gave them.

The first thing I did was allow myself to have fun with the scene. If I couldn’t find the romance and joy then how could the reader? Off I went into unknown territory in the BDSM world.


Sexy dominatrix hands on ass in handcuffsThe couple was lovers and a longstanding bondage duet. He topped her in a variety of ways and she was always pleased. Some were public scenes and others were not. They lived on a ranch and bred horses so I made the mask a horse’s head of black leather – fun. There were snaps and zippers, flaps to secure with ties and pouches to firmly close. He shows her the hood where it would never be used, in the kitchen, and they discuss using it in a scene. Everything is ironed out and they retire to the bedroom only the hood isn’t immediately used. He plays, teases and goes over the escape route again. The hero brings more toys into action and asks her to tell him again the way she can put it all to a stop. This is important for him as she will essentially be locked away with no way to inform him to stop except dropping a ball.

Finally, everything had been discussed, shared, and she decided it’s time to start in earnest. Slowly he closes her senses off and, when it’s all done, there’s unimaginable pleasure for them both. She is thrilled to be locked away and taken and he’s excited to enjoy all the access without needing to communicate – and that’s when the story takes a turn. They both, individually, enjoy the sensation of being pleased and pleasuring, are lost without the other sharing verbally or with a touch or look in their eyes what the experience is doing for them. Both the hero and heroine feel as if their alone in the one of the most erotic moments they’ve had together.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00025]As a writer, I have never written a sex scene when the participants aren’t enjoying themselves. There was pleasure being offered and enjoyed but there was no sense of joy in the interlude because they weren’t exchanging their feelings. She would come, her pussy would quake and clench, only there was no other means of sharing it with the hero so ended up a blah release. He could tell he was exciting her body, pushing her to the edge of climaxing, except he wanted to hear her groan, see her eyes widen with a certain touch, enjoy how her lips parted seconds before she climaxed. The hood was interesting to them but they decided to make changes so it worked for them. They’d stepped in too deeply, too quickly, and will tinker with it before they used the sensory deprivation mask again.

After all I learned and what I ended up writing, the question is would I bring a mask into another scene? Yes, absolutely! The device is full of possibilities and pleasure.

This scene with the mask takes place in A Wild Ride and can only be found in the Branded book. Branded also has Konnichiwa Cowboy, Giddy Up and Jon Black’s Woman. The series is all bdsm with piercings, toys, ménage a trois and much more, it’s mostly multicultural and set on ranches and farms outside Bozeman in Montana. The first book in the series is Ride ‘em with Ellora’s Cave and can be order at $0.99.

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2 thoughts on “Tilly Greene: Ups and Downs of Trying Something New

  1. Pansy Petal says:

    I do love peeking inside a writer’s mind and seeing how they come up with ideas and how they work out for them. I find it fascinating and I am so glad you were here to share a bit with us. I loved this experiment with the sensory deprivation mask and everyone’s experience with it. What a wonderful couple that they could experiment and find what works, and doesn’t work, for them.

    • Tilly Greene says:

      Thank you Pansy! I won’t pretend to be omnificent when it comes to all toys. Sometimes the trial happens behind the scenes but this time I let it all air out and enjoyed the experience – glad readers are as well. The mask comes with good and bad qualities, might as well share it all 🙂

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